From Dream to Reality: Building Our Own Kayak

From Dream to Reality: Building Our Own Kayak

Today, we want to share with you the story of how Edd went from having a dream of building his own kayak to making it a reality. Edd have always had an eye for shapes and designs, whether it's cars, houses, furniture, or kayaks. With a background as a carpenter and years of experience in craftsmanship and construction, he could finally put his practical approach and knowledge to use.

He has been an active paddler for nearly 20 years and have tried countless kayaks on the market. This experience has provided him with valuable knowledge and insights into design and functionality. But it was only when society shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic that he suddenly had spare time. And the kayak he had been dreaming of building could finally come to life.

Edd had a clear image of the kayak in his mind, as he always works that way. First, he needs to visualise it internally before he can start building it. He began drawing full-scale (1:1) sketches on the living room floor, where he worked out the shape and dimensions of the kayak. It was incredibly enjoyable to work in this manner, with a lot of reflection and contemplation. Of course, not everything turns out exactly as one has envisioned, so there were some adjustments along the way.

He set up a jig in the garage, where he made the final refinements to the kayak. Curves and lines were pulled up, and it was truly exciting to see it take shape. Even though it took a lot of time and effort, he felt that he needed to build a proper full-scale prototype to test the concept and see if his idea held water. And in the end, after five months of hard work, the kayak was fully constructed and ready for launching.

Being able to realise the dream of building his own kayak has been an incredible experience. The combination of his experience as a carpenter and his knowledge of kayaks has been invaluable in this process. It has been a journey marked by dedication, creativity, and adaptability.

Edd is proud to have used his experience and knowledge to create something of his own. This kayak is a result of his own ideas and design choices. And now, all that remains is to take it out on the water and experience the joy of paddling in something he has built with his own hands.