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Alnes Ocean

Alnes Ocean is made for surf and paddling. Its sharp lines are inspired by the traditional Greenland kayak with a hard chine, which gives the kayak its unique design that invites limitless use in surf and paddling.

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Our Mission

We’ve been paddling for more than 20 years, so we know a thing or two about kayaks. We use our knowledge to research and develop new products and enhance existing ones.

Embrace the waves

We’re introducing waveplay

Waveplay is an incredibly exciting and dynamic form of kayaking! It combines the thrill of riding waves with the challenge of navigating through rocky coastal areas known as rock gardens.

Ride the waves like you have never done before.
Exciting and rewarding adventure on the water.
Feel the adrenaline rush from start to finish.
The latest and most dynamic form of kayaking!
I have always wanted a sea kayak that allows me to play on top of the waves, so I built one!
Edd Bjørke

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The Team

Our team is from Aalesund, a small fishing village on the West coast of Norway where the mountains meet the fjords and the rough Nordic Sea.

We are a dedicated, fun loving and adventurous crew with loads of ideas when it comes to tweaking familiar products and creating new ones.

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