Care and Maintenance

How to take care of your kayak

Keep it out of the sun

Lengthy exposure to sunlight can make your boat’s bright colour fade, weaken the hatch covers, and deform plastic elements, especially when left on top of a car with tight straps.

Keep it clean

Wash your kayak inside and out with fresh water after every use. Rinsing off sea water will help preserve metal parts.

Keep it covered

Use a cockpit cover to keep the inside of your kayak both clean and protected from the sun.

Skeg Maintenance

Be sure to be regularly rinsing the skeg blade and slider areas.

Tight Hatches

If it’s difficult to fit the hatches, apply some silicone spray to ease the job.

Deck lines

Keep deck lines neat and inspect ropes for damages and tears regularly.

Damage and gelcoat scratche

Inspect the gelcoat for damages regurary. Scratches through the gelcoat should be repaired.