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Our story

Team Edge is highly experienced in kayaking, and we are aiming to be an innovative developer of kayaks and accessories. Our main product developer is Edd Bjørke, well known within our sport.

Edge Kayak has its headquarter in Aalesund, a small town close to the vast, open, foaming ocean and steep mountains. The landscape and the sea invite you to versatile paddling experiences where you can either take leisurely paddling trips into the fjords or find the rough waves that hit the Norwegian coastline.


Edd Bjørke has the idea to make a kayak that is more adapted to surf and paddling than regular sea kayaks.


During the pandemic period, Edd builds a fully functioning wooden prototype. The kayak is inspired by the traditional kayak from Greenland.


The prototype is thoroughly tested and fulfills Edd's uncompromising demands. The extreme features now need a larger audience.


The company Edge Kayak AS is founded, we choose a Norwegian manufacturer to assist us with production, and build the first 50 kayaks.


These are our core values ​​and we do our best to live by them on a daily basis: Sporty, Creative and Innovative.

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