Review by Monica Blindheim: Best of both worlds

Review by Monica Blindheim: Best of both worlds

Edge Alnes Ocean is the ultimate sea kayak that takes the paddling experience to new heights, where paddlers who thrive in waves and turbulent seas will feel a sense of mastery and develop technical skills.

EAO is dedicated to surfing and wave riding, with features such as being highly directional and responsive, easy to maneuver, quickly reaching speed, a reliable playmate/companion for self-rescue that is fun to play with (rolling and messing around). Forget about struggling to turn your boat in the surf zone.

With EAO, you get maximum efficiency with minimal effort, which also means less strain and more energy for fun activities!

EAO has a stylish design with sleek and functional details: sharp lines forming the hull, relaxed deck lines that are practical when paddling with gloves, composite reinforcements on the bow and stern, as well as a Keel Easy Stripe along the keel. Paddlers of all sizes will find a comfortable fit in an EAO, available in LV, MV, and HV versions.

The seat and thigh braces are of solid quality and ensure good contact with the boat. The short length of the EAO makes it incredibly easy to paddle!
Enthusiasm and energy increase in line with the joy of paddling, and even before its release, EAO is predicted to become a market leader in its segment.

I highly recommend EAO Kayak. There's a lot of wave fun awaiting you!

Photo by Monica Blindheim