Review by Simon Jones: Try one!

Review by Simon Jones: Try one!

After a surf in my surf kayak I was excited to test the Alnes Ocean.

My attention was immediately drawn to the distinctive rocker and sharp rails, comparable to the surf kayak.

Though rather heavy on the beach, the Alnes felt light on the water.
Padling out was effective.
The Alnes Ocean responded well to change of paddle rate, sliced through white water and rose over green waves with a dry foredeck.

Turning for a wave in 10m/sec wind was just like my surf kayak.
One paddle stroke/edge and ready to take off!
The sharp rails hold the wave with rail to rail surfing. The rocker enables manoverability both on and off the wave.

The Alnes Ocean is a responsive ocean play kayak which will also bring a smile on a day trip.

Try one!

Simon Jones