Review by Christian Remøy: What a kayak!

Review by Christian Remøy: What a kayak!

What a kayak!

I have been fortunate enough to follow the development of Alnes Oceanfrom the start.

From the handcrafted wooden kayak to the slick fiberglass version I have tested. This is truly the #1 waveplay kayak!  

I like how quick and responsive the kayak is in waveplay.
From having the bow up towards the horizon looking for waves, to turning the bow facing the shore in just one paddle stroke.

The volume in the front keeps the bow from submerging under surf and the flat hull combined with the sharp edges makes it cut the waves like a hot knife in butter.

I didnt have any expectations on how Alnes Ocean would perform when touring a day in a fjords flat water – but I had a great day.
With the skeg down, it keeps the direction and speed well.

I have ordered one for myself and plan to use it for exploring the shore, rockhopping, and waveplay.

Photo by Christian Remøy